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NSSWD Policy OP 9

At the January 25, 2018 the Board of Trustees passed NSSWD Policy OP 9 – Water Service Connections during Moratorium. The purpose of this policy is to provide clarity and transparency for all North Salt Spring Waterworks District (NSSWD) stakeholders on the District’s position on service connections during the current moratorium.

January 25th, 2018|

Moratorium on St Mary Service Connections Relaxed

At a special Board meeting held April 6, 2016 the Board of Trustees of North Salt Spring Waterworks District (NSSWD) adopted the following staff recommendations for District-served properties within the St. Mary Lake distribution system: The Moratorium The Board of Trustees is fully aware of the hardship placed on the ratepayers wishing to build homes [...]

April 7th, 2016|

Managing for a Sustainable Water Supply

As the largest supplier of water on Salt Spring Island, North Salt Spring Waterworks District wants to ensure that the entire community is kept informed about the state of our water supply and the reasons for the current moratorium on new water demand. In 2013, the District engaged the services of Kerr Wood Leidal Consulting [...]

April 1st, 2015|

Moratorium Announced

At their September 17, 2014 meeting the Board of Trustees agreed “that the District postpone consideration of secondary suite and other applications for new service that we are not already committed to through the payment of CEC fees, for a period of six months, during which time the hydrology studies will be completed and studied, [...]

October 1st, 2014|