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In 2012 NSSWD distributed just over 117.4 million imperial gallons (533,711 cubic metres) of water to its customers. We have been planning and investigating future needs of our clients in concert with the island growth.

In the fall of 2009 we initiated a dialogue with our customers with plans to increase the height of the Duck Creek Weir located off Tripp Road.

Duck Creek Weir

Duck Creek Weir

The additional height of 0.3m (12 inches) to a total of 41m above sea level would allow the capture of more than 117 million imperial gallons (533 million liters) of water.

This will provide a greater safety margin for our fish habitat and our customers during unusually dry summers.

Hydrology Studies – Review & Analysis

(November 2014) In 2013, the North Salt Spring Waterworks District commissioned a review and update of the available capacity of Maxwell and St Mary Lakes – the island’s two largest potable water sources. The preliminary results of the hydrology studies and water budgets have raised serious concerns about the amount of water available. Over the next six months (or more), we will be reviewing the final reports and completing a demand analysis based on our current commitments. Further, we will be working with other agencies, including the Salt Spring Island Watershed Protection Agency (SSIWPA), the Islands Trust, the CRD, the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations, and the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, to assess the impact of the findings on our district and community.

These reports will play an integral part in assisting other agencies understanding of our island’s water resources. These studies, and the time needed to complete them, are of vital importance to the District and the community as a whole.

However, until this review and analysis process is completed the District will not be approving any additional connections other than for those that have paid capital expenditure charges on a lot and are already on the District’s parcel tax roll. Once the review step has been completed, we will be in a position to advise potential new customers whether or not we are able to add them to our service. When completed, next year, the reports will be available on this website.