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To secure an adequate and sustainable water supply for the District’s ratepayers, which include nearly 50% of island residents, the hospital, schools, firehalls, parks, senior facilities and business core, the District intends to increase storage capacity on St. Mary Lake by raising the Duck Creek Weir by 30 cm (approximately 12″) from 40.7 to 41.0m GSC.

Current Duck Creek Weir:

Process Overview

Raising the weir is a multi-step process:

  1. Obtain withdrawal licence – completed in 2005
  2. Gather Supporting Data – completed in 2015
  3. Public Consultation with landowners – begun May 2015
  4. Individual consultation with landowners – begun June 2015
  5. Reach agreements with landowners or expropriate if necessary
  6. Receive Ministry approval
  7. Add 30 cm of concrete to the existing weir – target date: to be determined

A thorough consultation and agreement process will be carried out with Lakeside property owners and our licensing Ministry before the weir can be raised.

Prior to the Districts’ June 2, 2015 meeting with the affected property owners, a number of projects were completed. These included the St. Mary Lake Hydrology Report (due on this website by mid June), a new survey of all lakefront properties to assess the impact of the increased lake level on lakeshore properties and an informational letter with a request for feedback from all lakeshore property owners.

More public consultation will be undertaken one-on-one with landowners and through other public meetings (to be announced). This website will be added to as information becomes available.

The June 2nd, 2015, presentation is available for download here:

Lakeside Owners Presentation PDF