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Report to the Board of Trustees: Lakeshore Property Owners Liaison, Consultation, and Remediation Design Project – Fletcher & Company Municipal Consulting Inc., November 2016

Lakeshore Property Owners, Licence Holders & First Nations

Lakeshore property owners, licence holders and First Nations are aware that the North Salt Spring Waterworks District is applying for a water licence to raise the level of St. Mary Lake to increase water storage.

As part of the Water Licence Application process, the District has completed a number of engineering and hydrological studies, with a view to determining the best solutions to increase the water level, and consider the implications of doing so. The District has also initiated a comprehensive consultation process with lakeshore owners to determine any impacts to individual owners, and seek solutions to mitigate those impacts.

As part of the process, we also wish to ensure that all affected owners have the opportunity to review the studies that have been completed and to consider the implications to their property.

The studies and other related documents listed below for review are relevant to lakeshore owners, licence holders and First Nations. Copies are also available for review in the District Office.

If you are a lakeshore property owner, and are not yet involved in the consultation and impact mitigation process with Fletcher & Company, please contact them at:

  1. Application for storage license SML Oct 27 2015. This document is a copy of the NSSWD water storage license application submitted to the Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations in October 2015. (This is the application in which NSSWD makes application for a water license on St. Mary Lake for the purpose of storage of 550,996 m3/year.)
  2. St. Mary Lake Location of Weir. This is a map showing the location (latitude and longitude) of the weir on Duck Creek. This document is part of the drawing referred to in Section 2  (1) (k) of the Water Regulation, B.C. Reg. 204/88.
  3. Memo by Lynne Atwood of Genoa Environmental: Genoa Environmental 2011 Report. This memo discusses predicted impacts of increased lake levels on riparian vegetation at St. Mary Lake.
  4. Environmental Impact Assessment Report by T. Hatfield of Ecofish Research. This report assesses the impacts of the proposed changes to the weir on St. Mary Lake (Duck Creek).
  5. Revised weir engineering design drawing. This document is a design drawing prepared by Anderson Civil Engineers detailing the proposed changes to the weir on Duck Creek including an additional 29 cm of height and a low flow notch with reduced depth.
  6. St. Mary Lake – Impacts of the Raised Weir on Flooding. This is a technical memorandum prepared by KWL Consulting Engineers to determine the maximum lake levels for the current and proposed weir heights for 2-year and 200-year rainfall events of various durations.
  7. Salt Spring Island 2015 Drought Assessment. This is a technical memorandum prepared by KWL Consulting Engineers for NSSWD drought management purposes during the drought of 2015.
  8. Request for Review of Duck Creek Flow Requirements by Fisheries and Oceans Canada. This document initiated the process of reviewing the minimum flow requirements for Duck Creek.
  9. St. Mary Lake Morphometry. This document is two scanned pages from the St. Mary Lake Hypolimnetic Aerator Final Design report prepared by Northwest Hydraulic Consultants in 2006. Table 1 describes the morphometric features and Table 2 describes the depth strata volumes in St. Mary Lake.
  10. St. Mary Lake Volume Area Depth Curves. This document is one scanned page from the St. Mary Lake Hypolimnetic Aerator Final Design report prepared by Northwest Hydraulic Consultants in 2006.
  11. St. Mary Lake Lot Descriptions. This document lists the lot descriptions, the area of affected land, and addresses for properties on the shore of St. Mary Lake.
  12. St. Mary Lake Full Drawing Set. This document shows the surveyed 41.0 m contour line for St. Mary Lake lakeshore properties (shows land flooded at 41.0 m above sea level GSC datum). These documents are part of the drawings referred to in Section 2 (1) (k) of the Water Regulation, B.C. Reg. 204/88.