Analysis of water consumption records of Brinkworthy Properties vs. other properties

In 2016/17, the  NSSWD reviewed all parcel tax classifications and amended taxation rates with the goal of assuring fairness to all ratepayers while addressing the financial needs of the District.

In 2017, Brinkworthy Properties Ltd. petitioned the Supreme Court of BC to review the parcel tax assessment and taxation bylaws, and determine if the NSSWD acted within its authority when passing the bylaws.

On June 7, 2017, the court concluded that the District did have the authority to pass the bylaws but also concluded that it was unclear what assumptions were used in setting the rate for modular home parks and, therefore, directed the District to reconsider the parcel tax rate for modular home parks.

As part of the process of reconsidering the parcel tax rate for modular home parks, the NSSWD engaged a qualified expert to complete a statistical analysis of five years of consumption data for all property classes. The completed report has been received by the Board of Trustees and is now being shared with affected owners and the general public via the NSSWD website.

The report concludes that the mean per unit consumption of the Brinkworthy modular home park is 22% lower (on average) and the mean per unit consumption by multi-family dwellings is 17% lower (on average) than single family dwellings one acre or less in size. To view the full report click here.

Please be aware that the Board of Trustees has not made a decision on the parcel tax rates for 2019. Before that happens, the Board will consider any feedback submitted by the owners and residents of Brinkworthy Place and those of multi-family dwellings in Parcel Tax Class A.

Feedback on the consumption analysis report may submitted by email to or by delivering a hard copy to the NSSWD offices on or before October 19, 2018. All feedback will be forwarded to the Board of Trustees for consideration. The topic of reconsideration of parcel tax rates will be on the agenda for the open meeting of the Board on October 25, 2018.

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