Spring 2015 Referendum

UPDATE: March 28, 2015 – The Referendum resulted in a Yes vote of 359 votes, vs. 310 No votes, with one ballot spoiled.

The NSSWD Board and staff have now received the detailed design for the St. Mary DAF treatment plant and revised cost schedule. With savings realized through the downsizing of plant capacity and other design changes, and a lower of the contingency amount the revised cost currently stand at $8.4 million. The Detailed Design was paid for out of reserve funds and is not included in the construction phase cost. Therefore, the District has revised Borrowing Bylaw #264 to reflect the new figure and are taking the approval process for borrowing back to you, our ratepayers, for approval via referendum early this spring on Saturday, March 28th, with advance polls on Wednesday, March 18th and Wednesday, March 25th. All voting will take place at Community Gospel Chapel on Vesuvius Bay Road. The revised cost estimate to January 2015 is available here.

It is important to note that the referendum is only about financing the project, not about the design of the plant. The plant has been designed by an experienced team of engineering professionals at Kerr Wood Leidal Consulting Engineers (KWL), who specialize in water treatment plant design. The result of a rigorous and ongoing review by the board and management, which has included a variety of site, operational, design and regulatory assessments, the plant has been designed to meet the District’s long-term supply and operational needs, as well as addressing site constraints and all regulatory requirements. The Board feels that the design prepared best meet the needs of the District and community at large.

Referendum March 28th

Bylaw 264 authorizes the borrowing up to a maximum of $8.4 million for the construction, commissioning and any needed infrastructure upgrades for the new St. Mary DAF plant. Kerr Wood Leidal Consulting Engineers have developed the detailed design with oversight from the Board of Trustees and District staff.

To view a copy of Borrowing Bylaw 264 please click here or drop by the office for a copy.

Please Note: The board and management would like to stress that the Ministry requires us to state a maximum borrowing amount in the Borrowing Bylaw and the maximum taxation impact ratepayers can expect. We fully expect that the use of reserve funds, a successful donor campaign and any additional savings found through the bidding phase will lower the borrowing cost and taxation impact further and result in the lowest possible surcharge.

Your money is also our money as we are ratepayers too. We will continue to do our best to realize cost savings in order to pass along the least possible surcharge to our ratepayers.

Voter Eligibility Requirements

You are a qualified Elector if you per the Election Act and the District’s Letters Patent for the purpose of the Referendum for Borrowing Bylaw 264 if you:

(a) Are a Canadian Citizen.

(b) Are eighteen years or older on general Voting Day.

(c) Are a resident in the Province of British Columbia for a least six months before Voting Day.

(d) Are an owner of land within the boundaries of North Salt Spring Waterworks District.

(e) Are an authorized agent, designated in writing as the said agent of a Board or Corporation or a legal representative of any owner who has died, become insolvent or insane that owns land within the North Salt Spring Waterworks District.

(f) Have been a registered owner of the real property within the North Salt Spring Waterworks District for at least 30 days before voting day.

(g) Have an account in good standing.

If more than one person is registered on title as an owner of land then those owners are entitled to vote providing they meet the qualifications set out above. No persons may vote more than once with the exception they may vote as an authorized agent and personally if they own land on a personal basis.

Please note that when checking the list of owners provided by the B.C. Assessment Authority multiple ownership of some properties may not have been recorded. If the property that is being used for voting purposes is held by multiple ownership it is recommended that the persons intending to vote bring suitable identification, as noted below, to avoid any inconvenience.

If you are not in the List of Registered Electors you may vote on Voting Day providing that you produce two pieces of identification, one of which has your signature, preferably with pictorial identification, e.g. drivers licence, and documentation proving ownership of the land for which you are an owner, e.g. tax notice, assessment notice or duplicate certificate of title.

Property owners living outside of British Columbia are not eligible to vote.
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District staff fully respect the privacy of our ratepayers and treat all information provided the District as confidential in all matters, at all times.