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North Salt Spring Waterworks District
Customer Satisfaction and Attitudes Survey

The North Salt Spring Waterworks District (NSSWD) is pleased to announce that it has recently completed its first-ever strategic plan, which identifies communication and engagement as one of six areas of strategic focus for the NSSWD.
Like all water purveyors, the NSSWD is facing significant challenges ranging from funding infrastructure renewal and replacement to limited source capacity to adapting to climate change. By focusing on communication and engagement, the NSSWD seeks to inform ratepayers and other stakeholders by providing objective information to assist them in understanding the problems, alternatives and/or solutions. In addition, the NSSWD seeks to consult with ratepayers and other stakeholders by obtaining feedback on a range of issues including the service provided and decisions made.
Completing this 21-question survey on customer satisfaction and attitudes will help the NSSWD to understand customer perspectives, identify opportunities for improvement and, ultimately, improve service and decision-making. As the first survey ever done by the NSSWD, the information gathered will also provide a baseline from which the NSSWD can measure the effectiveness of new initiatives implemented to meet the goals identified in the strategic plan.
Please click here to complete the survey. The survey link will be open until March 8, 2019.
Paper copies of the survey have been mailed to all ratepayers and can also be picked up at the NSSWD office at 761 Upper Ganges Rd. Completed surveys can be returned to the NSSWD office in person, by mail or by email to info@nsswaterworks.ca . Completed surveys must be returned by 4:30 pm on March 8, 2019
Thank you for your participation.

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