NSSWD Strategic Plan – Public Meeting March 11, 2019

Give us your feedback on the NSSWD strategic plan

 The North Salt Spring Waterworks District (NSSWD) is pleased to announce the release of the District’s first strategic plan. The plan will clarify the NSSWD’s purpose, goals and strategies and guide the organization over the next five years. The plan identifies six areas of strategic focus:

  • Governance
  • Water supply and management
  • Communication and engagement
  • Asset management
  • Organizational strength
  • Financial management

The strategic plan is a living document and will be reviewed each year after the NSSWD annual general meeting and trustee elections.

The NSSWD is now seeking feedback on the plan from not only ratepayers, but all stakeholders. Our strategic plan is available on the NSSWD website and at our office.

Please join us on March 11, 2019 from 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm at the SSI Public Library.

There will be a brief presentation followed by opportunities to ask questions and provide verbal and/or written feedback.

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