1. Change of Information Form

If you are a new customer or if you change your phone number, mailing address, emergency contact or any other information.

Download Form

2. Change of Information Form – Business

Download the following form to update your business information.

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3. Connection Application Form

To apply for a new service connection.  Note: There is currently a moratorium on service. Please read the District Moratorium Policy before applying.

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4. eBilling sign-up Form

To sign up for e-billing use the following form.

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5. End of Tenancy Form

The current tenant (and the landlord) should complete this form and return it to the District office 30 days before moving out.

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6. Farm Service Application Form

To apply for Farm Service Water rates. Farm Service is for working farms. To be eligible you must provide a copy of the letter from BC Assessment that advises of the farm status and your farm classification number. Include the letter with your completed application for farm service water rates.

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7. Landlord and Tenant Authorization Form

To authorize a tenant to have the water toll account in their name – you and your tenant must complete and sign the form.

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8. Leak Allowance Application

To apply for a leak allowance once your leak has been fixed.

Leak Allowance Policy

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9. Property Management Authorization Form

To authorize a property management firm to act on your behalf.

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10. Subdivision Application Form

To apply for review of a planned subdivision and service connection. Note: There is currently a moratorium on service, so please read our Water Supply Statement before applying.

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11. 2019 Trustee Nomination Form

To nominate a candidate for the Trustee election.

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12. Bank Payee Instructions

Instructions for setting North Salt Spring Waterworks District up as a “Payee” with your bank.

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13. Request to present

Request to present/inquire at a board meeting.

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1. Short-Term Watering Permit

for lawn watering, house prep, etc. outside of watering regulations.

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2. Long-Term Watering Permit

for businesses with special requirements

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3. Pool Filling Application Form

$200 Fee. Needed in order to fill a pool during a Level 1 or Level 2 Conservation. No permit is needed between November 1st and March 31st. No filling permitted during Level 3 or Level 4 Conservation.

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North Salt Spring Waterworks District

761 Upper Ganges Rd.

Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 1S1