Level 4 – August 17, 2018

The North Salt Spring Water District (NSSWD) is moving to Level 4 Watering Restrictions effective August 17, 2018.

During Level 4 watering restrictions, only one hour of micro or drip irrigation and one hour of hand watering is permitted on watering days. Watering days are even dates for even numbered addresses and odd dates for odd numbered addresses. No other outdoor use of water is permitted including pool filling, pressure washing, and vehicle and boat washing.

Many factors are considered in the decision to move to Level 4 watering restrictions including lake levels, the rate of lake drawdown, weather conditions, regional drought levels, seasonal forecasts for temperature and precipitation, and regulatory requirements.

Salt Spring Island is currently in a severe drought. The weather station at St. Mary Lake has recorded only 1.2 mm of rain since July 1st, which is less than 3% of normal for July and August. The provincial government has also elevated the drought rating to Level 4 for our region.

Lake levels do not typically begin to increase until mid to late October so additional conservation is needed to ensure that water supplies remain above critical levels until that time.

The NSSWD urges all islanders to conserve water as much as possible both indoors and outdoors.

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