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Improvement districts are brought into existence by the provincial government through cabinet orders which authorize the passage of a document known as Letters Patent. This document defines the name, boundary, and function(s) of a District. Although improvement districts are independent public corporations, they are also subject to supervision by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Municipalities.

Most bylaws passed by the board of trustees must be registered with the Inspector of Municipalities before they take effect. Each year the improvement district’s audited financial statements and the minutes of its annual general meeting are reviewed and filed with the Ministry.

The Ministry also coordinates long term borrowing by the improvement districts from the provincial government for capital asset purchases. Ministry staff is available to provide advice and direction to those involved with improvement districts.

To see how and when we started and how we grew, go to the History page.

Our boundary covers the North West part of Salt Spring Island, and reaches south of Ganges village. As of December 31, 2016 we have 2087 properties on our tax roll.

download the District Map

This map has been reduced in size so the details are not clear. There is a full size wall map at the office and interested parties are welcome to come and look at it. Location details can be found on the Contact page.